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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can make our life really miserable. Besides causing constant annoyance and irritation, they also transmit deadly diseases. As mosquitoes are pervasive pests, the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to arrange for specialised treatments by fully licensed pest control professionals.

Integrated Mosquito Management from Rentokil

At Rentokil, our pest experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of mosquitoes. We offer a range of mosquito management solutions that bring down the infestation level in your premise under critical levels. We also offer innovative mosquito traps and repellant devices that reduces mosquito population.

Our Mosquito Control Solutions

  • Larviciding

    • Larviciding control the development of mosquitoe larvae. 
    • Larvicide treatment at mosquito hotspots can help to reduce its infestation. 
    • A thorough inspection for any potential breeding ground will be conducted before we carry out the larvicide treatment.

  • Thermal Fogging

    • Thermal fogging can be carried out to eliminate breeding of adult mosquitoes. 
    • Thermal Fogging is done at evening when mosquitoes are active.

  • Misting

    • A space treatment carried out to eliminate breeding of adult mosquitoes. 
    • This is mainly done in areas within your premise having vegetation, on which mosquitoes take rest. 
    • Misting is mostly done during evening time.

Innovative Mosquito Control Devices

Innovative mosquito control devices from Rentokil are effective to reduce the mosquito population in your premise.

BG Mosquitaire

BG Mosquitaire is the perfect mosquito trapping device if your premise has mosquito infestation.A scent dispenser along with contrasting dark colour at the centre of the trap lures the mosquitoes to the centre fan of the trap which in turn sucks them into a catch bag. The lure used in Mosquitaire is designed specifically to attract Aedes (Tiger) mosquitoes.

Ceramic Diffuser

Filling your home or office with a wonderful aroma, Ceramic Diffuser not only keeps mosquitoes at bay but also spreads a pleasing fragrance. Made of high quality ceramic with an attractive cut work detailing at front, this mosquito control device also scores high on aesthetic appeal.


Mosclean is a new innovative mosquito trap brought to you by Rentokil which uses UV light source and Carbon dioxide to attract, trap and kill adult mosquitoes. Mosclean is a chemical-free mosquito control solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Why Choose Rentokil?

  • Experienced and Professional Technicians - All our technicians have vast experience in pest control and carry out tretments in a professional manner.

  • Expert Knowledge - Our pest experts are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.

  • Targeted Treatments - Our extensive knowledge allow us to provide you with targeted treatment to get rid of mosquitoes in your premise.

  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) - All the treatments are carried our in compliance with Rentokil SHE policies to minimise safety risks for technicians, customers and the environment.